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Not all audits are future oriented. Our risk based approach guarantees you more than merely auditing the truth and fairness of your transactions.

Statutory audits ensure truth and fairness of your business management for you and your customers. We analyze your business processes, show your strengths and weaknesses and identify critical areas.

Voluntary audits are not compulsory; they are highly significant, however, for the success of your company. With our support, you will meet the changed requirements of the market. We offer you many additional services.

With globalization of the markets, international accounting is becoming a mandatory issue. The International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) call for financial statements and annual audits that are comply with international parameters.

Audit related consulting services are becoming indispensable. The latest changes in law and increased duties of comprehensive business management require action focusing progressively more on practice.

Special audits are necessitated due to ongoing structuring measures in corporate law.